Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make Your Room Vintage

Make Your Room Vintage

Here is a list of steps that shall help you make your room vintage –
1) Start with dressing of the walls. Select paints and textures that have a vintage look. You may apply layers of paint and then mix it up with straps of retro wallpaper for a bohemian look. For an antique cum faux aesthetic, choose dark colors for the walls such as brown and cobalt and allow it to dry. Once dry, apply a coat of milk paint or antique white wash, and complete the wall by distressing the finish with the help of steel ball or sandpaper so that dark color shows in few places.

2) Introduce varied architectural elements that impart the room with vintage aesthetic.  Cathedral or Dormer ceilings with exposed beams and wall posts simply look exuberant. You may also attach light weight medallions, arches and moldings for a palatial effect.
3) Use lighting to highlight vintage design features. A wrong iron chandelier besides providing enough style shall add sculptural style to the room. Wall scones with candles in the hallway, doorway, corridor, above the fireplace shall impart dramatic lighting effect to the room.
4) Decorate your old crockery. Old fashioned tea pots, tea cups, empty wine bottles, feather boas, picture frames, are known to make a room wear vintage aesthetic.
5) Jewelry boxes and hangers are also items that give way to vintage feel. Decorate these boxes and hangers in your living room and display your vintage jewelry. Hunt thrift stores and antique shops for varied vintage items.
6) Make use of vintage containers. These vintage boxes can be used to hold prized possessions and books. Moreover, it is not necessary for all items to wear a clean look. Rusty, ripped off and discolored items are also known to impart vintage vibes to a room.

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