Monday, January 3, 2011

What About the Socks?

What I really love about architecture and design is how somebody can turn space into something beautiful. Something that is an empty square, circle or rectangle is suddenly turned into a masterpiece and you just kick yourself because you would never have though to add a kitchen island in a tiny condo or use soapstone counters in the bathroom to contrast black marble walls. I think architects--talented architects--are some of the best geniuses in the world. 

I forgot to give any thoughts to the laundry room. I have stacked laundry machine\dryer and from what I remember when viewing the apartment (which I'll take photos of this Thursday to help me furnish) is that there were some shelves. I think using the closet beside the laundry room or adding some shelving in the laundry room would be ideal so I could put an ironing board, laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets and all that other stuff you might need for your laundry like stain remover, bleach, etc. I think an organized laundry room would make it appealing and even a photo frame or two would just take it to the next level. Perhaps it might even make doing laundry enjoyable!


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