Friday, February 11, 2011

And Puppy Makes 3

Like most people, I love dogs. I couldn't imagine living without one and the very first thing I did (even before we moved out) was to find a dog. I would've gladly adopted a dog but the "right" dog who came our way ended up being a mutt puppy--a mix of red and blue heeler and Border Collie with unique coloring. It is a medium sized dog and if you know what a medium sized dog looks like in a small apartment--like a horse. 

I know I'll have to be strategic in planning how to properly contain the newest member of our family and still have a chic and clean flat, but I'm willing to work on it. His name is Benji Trouble and he's already won his way into my heart. I know he's going to be a great companion and the better I train him, the easier it will be to keep the flat attractive. I know Febreeze and static-remover brushes will be useful items in the house! Nobody wants a house smelling like dog. 

From prior dog-owning experience these are things you need to keep your house intact:

- a dog crate. This isn't to keep your dog locked up for long periods. Ideally, you shouldn't keep your dog in there longer than his age. Puppies under 6 months old shouldn't stay in a crate for longer than 3-4 hours at a time, and it should be comfortable and cozy for them. Think: cozy blanket, chew toys, bowl of water. The crate should be big enough for him to move around and turn in. 

-flea\tick leash and spray. Keeping bugs outside is important since you don't want an infested house. Brushing your dog regularly and a flea leash and formula is a good bet to keeping them at bay. 

-A cozy bed. If your dog isn't allowed on the bed or couch, invest in a dog bed for him to enjoy sleeping in. 

-Stain remover spray (Accidents happen)

-Dog shampoo (a clean dog means a clean house)

-Lint roller (to get fur off clothes, furniture, etc). 

   With a lot of exercise, dogs can definitely enjoy apartment living. Giving your dog something to do like agility classes keeps his mind busy and sharp. It is great to get him outdoors as much as possible--and there is a hidden benefit: exercise for yourself. I'm excited to see how incorporating a larger dog into our lives (and home) turns out. We've always had toy dogs so this is a new experience! Welcome home Benji!

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