Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Office for Small Apartments

Whether you are a student or a full-time worker, everybody needs an office for their printer, fax machine, computer, etc and to organize their paperwork and files. That way, when it is time for tax returns or to pay bills, you have all of your paperwork in one, neat area. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to construct a Trump-tastic desk in a teeny apartment but that does not mean with a little innovation you cannot create an impromptu desk!

Using hinge tables, a small corner or crevice or against a small wall--there is possibilities for a small home office. Perhaps a wall mounted desk and a simple chair will suffice along with some under table file cabinets. I want to add a small home office where I can use the computer and keep everything organized, and since space is at a minimum, a wall-mounted table would be the most likeliest. But these things can be very attractive. Adding a colorful vase on the desk or some paintings above the desk can help the area flow in with the rest of the house--as well as using a table that is the same colour as the walls.

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