Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decorate the Kitchen!

I was perusing the supermarket the other day and taking a look around. What makes the supermarket so welcoming? Well, I'm pretty sure it looks as appealing as it does because of the decoration. Fruit is not simply just slapped onto a shelf. No, they are in neat rows or spheres on trendy bamboo baskets and they look good. Why can't we decorate our kitchens with fruit and vegetables like the supermarket does? Wait, we can. 
Even if you don't eat it, decorating your kitchen with food is a great way to make your home more appealing. And maybe if you're really hungry, you'll eat it! Think of the fruits and vegetables that have an interesting aesthetic appeal and stack a few against the counter or in a basket hanging from the wall or somewhere neat. Fruit I'm thinking of is pineapples, lychee fruit, persimmon, bananas, lemons, papayas, avocado and eggplant. If you don't eat them, make sure to get new ones when they begin to go bad so that they don't rot. You can use it for compost or just throw it in a dish. 

I think I'm going to have two medium size baskets filled with pineapple and lemons. Not only is it appealing but citrus fruits also really brightens up your day and put you in a good mood! Try fruits and veggies with different colours to keep it interesting like yellow zucchini, orange carrots, turnips and red tomatos or green broccoli!

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