Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Million and One..

Now we are only 6 days from moving in, I am forgetting the one million things I wanted to do with the flat! I guess it is a form of stressing out, which is what I did on my first vacation. I had planned to scuba dive, snorkel, visit X museum and X restaurant and instead, went with the flow and still had a great time. I am flipping through the pages and reminding myself "Oh yeah, the wicker box for the toilet paper" and "Don't forget you need to get a ladder to paint--and a power drill! You need the power drill!"

Yes, we are DIYkes and we are lesbians who like to hammer and do stuff ourselves. That is the whole POINT of the blog--the adventure of making the place where you live...yours. I realized since I didn't have my own digs yet, I had to compensate by uploading pics and vids of other rad places and things but in 6 days I'll be able to record my own videos and take photographs of my place and stick 'em up on the blog which is pretty fricken' awesome because I'll see what needs to be fixed, be changed--hey, maybe the taupe paint will look god awful and I'll switch to something else, who knows? 
Maybe the dropleaf dinner table won't work and instead we'll get a bistro size table. It's all about experimentation--and fitting two unique people's styles into a tiny apartment takes skill and negotiation! 

I'm completely camera-shy but I'll do my best to showcase our home in all it's different levels of becomingness. Hopefully, it'll be half decent!

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