Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Basement Bellissima

I am hell bent on creating a basement space that is modern, artsy and functional. One that does not necessarily feel like a basement. I want to accentuate the windows and bring in as much natural\artificial light as possible so this means clip-on shelf lights, lamps and mirrors. I never really thought about lamps before. I always assumed the ceiling pot lights would be fine, but the more light, the merrier!

You wouldn't expect a lot of greenery in a basement so house plants that can survive in shade are on my top list of things to get. I think wall sconces add a baroque, traditional element and will look great against the paint! So to liven up a basement flat these are some good things to get:

-lights that attach to your shelving
-floor to ceiling bookshelf
-light coloured paint
-wall sconces
-mirror opposite your window

-accentuating the basement windows (sheer curtains, perhaps?)

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