Monday, November 29, 2010

The Place.

Huge kitchen to work with--love the cupboards.

The bathroom of my dreams!
Open concept bar and living room
The den and a bit of the bathroom. Check out those tiles.
This lower level design is the apartment I am trying to rent. I love the spacious open concept design and the big bathroom. It is unique because most Toronto apartments do not look like this. I had the "feeling" when I seen the advertisement for this, plus it is in a very trendy, central downtown location with store-lined streets, cafes and free parking! You can NOT find free parking downtown usually the price is $50-$150 for a spot, so this is definitely a rare gem. I will have to pull all the strings to get this place as it is a bit out of our budget but I definitely want it. Decorating this space will be a joy and it will be a pleasure to have friends come over here. I'm going to cross my fingers with this one--it surely won't be on the market long. Oh yeah, and there's a den. So. Cool.

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