Monday, November 29, 2010

Where Do I Start?

Seeing overwhelmingly talented architects show off their homes makes it increasingly difficult to measure up, but I often wonder where these people start. When I start looking for sunglasses, I go for the most unique, ugliest pair and I truly fall head-over-heels in them despite everyone else's disgust. To me, they aren't ugly and that is the take I'm going to adopt to my designing. I am going to go with the ugliest, weirdest crap and spin it into something beautiful.
This suede leather PU sectional sofa and ottoman is only $399 from this factory place with free delivery in Toronto. The reason I like this couch is because of it's earthy tones. I feel a lot of Mother Africa here, something I can build on with tribal accents and woody\natural materials. I like nature and this sofa personifies nature. I call it the Mother Africa couch and it's my #1 choice.
This is the modern piece that my fiancee can enjoy. She won't have to worry about sitting on something old and uncomfortable. But then there's this....

Not sure what I'd do with it yet, whether its a bedroom chair or a comfy chair for an extra guest in the living-room but I like it....alot. I think it's too much gold in our living-room though. Sigh.

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