Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art. Inspire. Live.

Just posting some photographs from Google Images of highly thought of works of art. Some span from the Renaissance era before realism and others--Baroque style art invoke images of the Sistine Chapel. I am not deeply religious, or religious at all, but I always feel a resurgence of inspiration and awe when viewing Renaissance-era art. Nothing is more appealing or more personal than the expression of humankind. 
One of my favourite paintings is Sapphos and Phaon created by Jacques-Louis David in oil in 1809. Sapphos, the tenth muse, is a woman of beauty and strength. There is one particular painting where she exudes tenacity and her limbs are sinewy, regal and elegant all at once. I am trying to locate the painting online so I can have one framed for my living room. It is quite becoming for a lesbian couple to have Sapphos of Lesbos erected on their wall.
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I think having provocative art; art that provokes passion, eroticism and romanticism is something I feel is very suitable for our home. We are two people who believe in passion and eroticism and old-world romance. Our home will have an aura of something that is rare today. These pieces are a window into the past, of love and war and the wholesome bodies in their natural state. I find them comforting and sobering, a very stark contrast to our modernistic approach to beauty what with plastic surgery, dietting and dying our hairs blond. 

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