Friday, December 10, 2010

O-Range Ya Glad It's Cheap?

Couches are pricy and a huge investment. But they can make or break your living-room. A drab couch can undermine your greatest efforts to modernize a drab house, and a couch in the wrong colour can wreak havoc on the aesthetic or mood of your humble abode. I found a riveting orange sofa at IKEA with what I see as : mod-artsy potential. Fiancee thought it suited somebody with ADHD in a mental institution who had a bubbly, laugh-when-nobody's-in-the-room personality. Hmmm....Black and gray\tan couches are so overused. How many people do you personally know who have orange couches? Or a mint-green one? Or  one with bubbles all over it? Someone is selling a salmon pink sofa on Kijiji right now as we speak! Salmon pink. How is that for a bold statement? It doesn't say Tuna Time. It says : boldly different. Cheerfully here. Modern but fun. I'm pink and I still think. Something like that. Plus,  the orange couch? It's on sale. 

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