Sunday, December 19, 2010

No to Bourgeois

I have changed my mind about the neighborhoods I want to reside in. I have crossed off my list Forest Hill and Yonge & Eglinton and in the future, the suburbs because I don't want to live in a materialistic, nose-in-the-air community. I think shuttling your kids in your Range Rover and sporting designer brand names is the epitome of ridiculousness. I would rather live somewhere where everyone is friendly, original, down-to-earth and caring. Who wants to live in an area where you're judged based on the car you drive and how many helpers you have (nanny, cook, gardener, etc)? I don't think there's community in that. The more likely a neighbourhood is branded "prestigious, exclusive" the least likely I'd want to live there. 

The new areas to trump those distinguished, snooty neighborhoods is the Junction and Roncesvalles (aka Roncey). I chose these two neighbourhoods or the area near and between them (like Dupont\Ossington\Davenport\Bathurst) is because I prefer to live in West Toronto than East\North Toronto and directly downtown. I think the city has a lot to offer in terms of diversity, originality and community in the right neighbourhoods. Keeping the ultra-rich in exclusive pockets and the super-poor in others just separates the city and makes it highly unfavourable to live in. I think the mediocre neighbourhoods with a mixture of rich, middle-class and lower-class are the most vibrant and the best example of Toronto's multicultural appeal. 

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