Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little Help

I wandered into Bowring , an unbelievably over-priced and uninspiring furniture\decor store and wondered why I ever wanted anything from there in the first place! I'd find much neater things in a shabby old second hand shop! I did leave sulkingly with a box of shot glasses, testament to the fact I'm young, I like to drink, and I know I better stock up because they'll break. Dozens of them. 

After stopping at Bowring I went to Chapters to read Art History by Marilyn Stoksad and Simply Scandinavian by Sara Norrman about Scandinavian interior design (not my style!) when I came across a useful, perfect book "Decorating to Go" by Adrienne Nappi that is exactly what I need to design and get my home ready from tips on being a good host to decals on curtains. I bought the book so I could reference it and study it like the Bible during the hectic 27 last days before getting the flat and the 3-4 month window I give myself decorating it and accumulating all the art\furniture\etc. The biggest advice I found in there was : just worry about the big-ticket items like furniture....the rest will sort itself out inexpensively. It was a huge rush of relief. I was ready to find every wicker basket and square mirror right now! But starting off with the sofas, dining table and bed is a good start.
It's a great book and I highly recommend it to young people moving to their first or second apartment!

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