Sunday, December 26, 2010

Temporary Studio

   My Christmas has been merry thanks to the LL letting me know the Annex digs are ours for keeps, yay! It's a nice little Christmas present I wasn't expecting! The holidays has been a busy and expensive time what with all the gift-giving, driving (gas is $1.115 right now) and all that food so I'm grateful apartment-hunting days are behind me. 
   I did miss the IKEA Half-off sale which is a huge bummer but hey--there's always a good sale for a savvy sale-hunter! And from now until our move in date, we will be too busy to get stuff and probably too broke (thank you, amazing deals at the malls!) :) 
    I'm not worried--that's what improvising is for. We have a futon sofa that is huge and it can double as a bed until we pick up a proper bed at IKEA. The problem is, our bedroom is SO itsy I'm thinking of making that space into an office\wardrobe room and leaving the living-room area open concept with a bed\couch and the TV\office area. It sounds like it likely won't work though but maybe for a month that's what we'll do--while we settle in. 
     The studio idea is fine for now but when guests come they can have the futon when we get the bed for the teeny weeny bedroom. I don't care how small the wee bedroom is because it's a central, fabulous location and a wonderful street and neighbourhood--what's a little sacrifice? I have seen some chic studio apartments and the important part is just having functional stuff for a bit. I still plan to paint as soon as I get in but right now I'm a hoarder--I'm hoarding kitchen appliances, pillows, you-name-it for when we move out so we won't have to get anything but the essentials during that hectic time!

     Happy Holidays!

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