Monday, December 6, 2010

Landed Dream Digs

So, viewing of the Annex digs went splendidly well. The neighbourhood\community and surrounded areas are amazing and we have "feel good" vibes about the place. The neighbourhood is borderline Annex\Hillcrest Village and close to Corso Italia and Forest Hill and Mirvish Village and Koreatown. Can you really ask for more? Who can say no to cheap, delicious Korean food? Plus, for the pup we're going to get when we move in --Hillcrest Park is right smackdab there which has a great city skyline view and four tennis courts. Another nearby park has a 24 hour skating rink!
The fab community aside, the actual architecture of the house is fantastic. It's an older house with the homes in the area dating from 1900-1930s. It's a modest neighbourhood wedged inbetween some very ostentatious communities. The house isn't just four boring, plain walls. There's tons of built in cupboards, little wall-spaces I can add decor and big windows with some space for flowers or something nice. The walls are not all one length so I have many different angles to place various things. Though there is a cheap wall shelf hammered carelessly into the walls, I will either rip it out or work around it. 
   I can't wait to paint and transform it from a OK-spot to a very relaxing, mod-artsy chill place. I was daydreaming of the many ways to spruce it up on the pleasant ride home passing all the beautiful Christmas lightings and Italian cafes in Corso Italia. But I was right about one thing--the bedroom is small, very small and I don't mind as I'll be able to get up a lot of creative organization and shelving for clothing\accessories.

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