Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Through Hard Times...

What better way than to endure hard times in life than by coming home to a well-decorated, cozy space that is uniquely yours? That's why I want to decorate and design the home to be a happy, functional and enjoyable space. I want it to be appealing for  guests that come over but also just for winding down time as well.

I went to Benjamin Moore to pick out paint colours and for the bedroom we've decided on "New Lime" which is bright, funky and eclectic. It is only going on one or two walls as too much bright green will blind us!

The bathroom also needs some work. A rug will suffice to cover the hideous tiles and some kind of cabinetry under the sink--something simple--will do as well as shelves above the sink as there is just one, paltry soap holder that is rusted and gross. I also plan to fix the faucet handles into something more modern (they're hideous). The cheapest for a small vanity with countertop is $150 so this is an investment for our apartment (which means we won't be moving any time soon!) Creating a bathroom vanity is important because I have a lot of lotions and potions and use the sink a great deal for face masks, orthodontic stuff and hair and makeup. Living with a pedestal sink is unacceptable for me.

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